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Spirit West Coast in California

Spirit West Coast Music Festival

The Spirit West Coast in California is a Christian music festival founded by five families in 1995. The festival lasts for 3 to 4 days and besides the concerts, there are lectures, workshops, petting zoos, comedians and kids’ shows. The festival runs from 9am to midnight each night.

The Spirit West Coast hosts popular Christian acts. The concerts are held on the main stage which has large screens to allow the crowd to see the performance from a distance. There are also side stages for other performances. All you need to do is find a good spot and enjoy the show.

Tents are set up to sell merchandise for the performers and the event. There are also tents for lost and found items and first aid. Of course, there are a number of food vendors set up at the festival so you don’t have to worry about going hungry while listening to the performances.

While this is a music festival, the event promoters did not forget that the people at the event are coming together in the spirit of being Christians. Lectures and sermons are held in some of the tents. The sponsors also encourage people to sponsor and help children in other countries who are in need. Compassion International has a tent where people can sponsor a child.

This is a family friendly event. Many church youth groups attend. If you have a group, you can request a special group rate. Since there are children’s shows and activities, you can bring your children. However, if you want to enjoy the music, you may need to bring someone to help watch the kids, so you can enjoy the show.

For those who do not live in the local area, camping is allowed. There are buses that provide transportation to the campgrounds. Since the festival closes at midnight, you may want to have to kids in bed way before the show ends. If you decide to stay until the end, the buses to the campground run until a little after midnight.

This is the perfect event to get members from your church to attend together. This would allow parents to take turns watching the children so that everyone can experience the festival. And remember if your church is sending a group, you can request a group discount.

Although people of all faiths are invited, this is a Christian event, so the messages heard from the performers and lecturers are Christian based. For those seeking to repent or want to become Christians, baptisms are performed during the festival.

The festival is run by volunteers who work 4 to 9-hour shifts. The festival is always looking for more volunteers to help out. The volunteers start onsite work a week before the event and stay until a few days after everything is packed up. There are many volunteer opportunities available from construction to operations.

Spirit West Coast in California is billed as one of the premier Christian Music Festivals in the country. While you will enjoy your time listening to uplifting music from today’s hottest Christian artists and emerging talents, you can also learn more about being a Christian, by attending lectures and events meant to renew your faith.

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