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Popular Christian Music Festivals

christian music festival

There are more than 20 Christian music festivals that occur in the summer months. With the variety of some of greatest artists that perform at different locations spread across the west coast and east coast, it becomes a difficult task to choose which ones you would like to attend. Below are some of the more sought after festivals that can offer you with outstanding entertainment at an affordable cost.

Creation Northeast Mount Union PA

The country’s biggest Christian music festivals are held on the stunning Allegheny Mountains. Since these festivals began back in 1977, the Creation Northwest provides music from more than 60 Christian bands. The various stages are based on themes while the main-stage features the most popular names in this genre. The fringe-stage is host to the harder rapper and rock Christian bands while the children’s stage offers entertainment and music for the younger children. This festival also features Christian authors and speakers that are invited to come and share their wisdom making this particular festival more than just a place to enjoy the music.

Camping At Creation Northeast

This is a time for visitors to fellowship and meet with various types of believers that are a few short feet away. Camping at these festivals has become a favorite tradition for a variety of individuals and brings individuals together while allowing the visitors the amazing experiences that Creation has to offer.

Spirit West Coast Monterey, CA

This festival is held in the month of August and is regarded as one of the biggest Christian based festivals throughout the U.S. Spirit is actually a festival that consists of two events that includes Spirit West Coast Monterey and Spirit West Coast Del Mar. Both of these exciting festivals offer a host of music from top performing Christian artists along with recreation and sports activities that include inflatable action-games and the much loved and anticipated basketball games.

Kingdom Bound At The Darien Lake Theme Park New York

Held in August the Kingdom Bound Musical Festival forms only a very small portion of what Kingdom Bound Ministries are all about. Through their conferences, music and partnerships with the local churches over the past 20 years, the entity known as Kingdom Bound Ministries aims to present the Gospel through various forms of art that includes annual festivals, outreaches and concerts. The four core values for KBM consist of:

  • Honor God
  • Serve Others
  • Practice Stewardship
  • Cultivate Creativity

Creation Northwest Enumclaw, WA

This Christian based musical festival is held in the month of August. In the year 1998, Creation expanded in order to accommodate a second festival now known as Creation Northwest. This quest was to offer the same fellowship and entertainment to the Christian music fanatics that live on the west coast. Just before the event a detailed and finalized schedule will be available in the program given to guests as they enter the site. Before the event any one is free to check up on the tentative schedule as well as the artist’s line-up on their website.

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