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The Jamaica Jazz and Blues Festival during the last 20 years has developed tremendously and amassed an enormous following, becoming one of several premier festivals from the in Jamaica and the whole of Caribbean. Originally called Air Jamaica Jazz and Blues Festival, the festival’s growth is remarkable considering its humble beginnings.

The festival was designed to attract more air travelers to Jamaica in the low tourist season, which goal continues to be achieved without having a shred of doubt. In recent history, the festival has attracted crowds well over 30,000 looking for things to do in Jamaica. This really is no mean feat to obtain, due to the fact during its formative years, it might only attract all the of as 1,500 to 2,000.

The meteoritic growth and development of the festival might be accounted with the change of your dates during which the festival is held. During the formative several years of the festivals, the organizers hosted the festival during the month of November.

One of many downsides of hosting a festival in the month of November is the interruptions through the heavy rainfall which is typical during this period of year. Upon realizing that the rain experienced during this period was negating the development from the festival, the organizers changed the dates from the festival from November to late January, which is the lowest tourist season.

Another component that helped the festival to increase was the acquisition from the festival rights by Walter Elmore. Having obtained every one of the rights for the festival, he could steer the development process to the new heights unabated.

The Idea Of The Festival

The very idea of the festival usually centers on having diverse genres of music through the entire three days the festival is held. One of the most popular genres to feature past festivals are the R&B, Reggae, Jazz, Blues, Soca, Latin along with a fusion of your aforementioned genres.

The diversification in the genres has played a part in enhancing the nature and picture of the festival for an international festival, attracting music lovers of diverse music taste.

Performers In The Jamaica Jazz and Blues Festival

Past performers around this festival have featured local and international artists. Probably the most famous international artist to feature inside the festival include Michael Bolton, Boyz II Men, Celine Dion, Maroon 5, Kenny Rogers, Alicia Keys, John Legend, Babyface, Chaka Khan, Mary J. Blige, Lionel Richie, and many more. Local artists to have graced the festival are the likes of Chronixx, Christopher Martin, Taurus Riley, Chalice, Bryan Art and many other.

This just will go to reveal that the festival is meant to make sure that every attendant enjoys high-quality music all through the festival.

Dates For The Upcoming Jamaica Jazz and Blues Festival

Unfortunately, for 2016, the organizers were not able to organize the festival, sighting difficulties. However, they may have stated that they may organize one-night teaser events throughout 2016.

However, they intend to host the normal festival in 2017, and in addition they promise to arrange a ìspectacularî festival while they is likewise marking the 20th anniversary from the festival.


The Dream Weekend independence celebration that last for a week is simply unmatched when it comes to the best time to visit Jamaica. The whole island goes into party-mode from July 28 all through August 1 but the Dream Weekend in Negril has earned a reputation globally for excitement, class, and a crazy, beach-party experience unmatched by any other in the world.

The Jamaican people still continue to celebrate the historic events of their Independence and Emancipation over 50 years after the nation gained its freedom from the UK. The annual reggae festival helps in raising national pride and brings in an influx of visitors from around the globe that come to celebrate with Jamaicans.

Depending on what you desire and how much you would like to spend on immersing yourself in luxurious party lifestyle for the week, you have a variety of Dream Weekend party packages to choose from. Each package includes both entry and drinks at each event. You will also enjoy shuttle service to and from all the events on your schedule thereby eliminating the hassle of looking for local transportation by yourself.

You should however look into the VIP package if you are looking to party in style. The VIP package includes an exclusive entrance and shuttle for VIP guests only and access to gourmet foods. The IGLOO and Dream LIVE concert are the only events excluded from that.

One additional benefit of the VIP package is that you will enjoy access to a special lounge that only VIP members have access to. What this means is that you will be on a secure and contained location but still get to enjoy a good time celebrating the culture and holiday that has earned Jamaica fame around the world.

The Dream LIVE concert will be the event to kick off the event on Thursday July 28 at Negrilís Cayenne Beach. Here you will enjoy authentic Jamaican stage-show vibe featuring performances from some of the most popular entertainers from Jamaica such as Popcaan and Bounty Killer. The Gates will open at 9pm and close shortly before sunrise on Friday.

The festivities on Friday will begin at 2 p.m. with the ëCelebrity Playgroundí party sponsored by Hennessy. It will be a red and white themed party so ensure that you carry a red and white outfit. The event will feature music by Kurt Riley, Jazzy T, and Chromatic. It will end at 9 p.m. thus giving you enough time to return to your room, hit the shower then get ready for the ëTwisted Spiritsí event sponsored by Sky Vodka.

Each day of the Dream Weekendís schedule will include parties beginning just after midday and take you through just before sunrise the following day, You will probably need a vacation after the intense schedule but it is well worth it and everyone needs to make it part of their bucket list.

Make it a point to attend the Dream Weekend Independent celebration this year in Negril, Jamaica. It will definitely give you memories that you will treasure for the rest of your life. However, you need to book as soon as possible. The VIP tickets are limited in number and they sell out quickly.

christian music festival

There are more than 20 Christian music festivals that occur in the summer months. With the variety of some of greatest artists that perform at different locations spread across the west coast and east coast, it becomes a difficult task to choose which ones you would like to attend. Below are some of the more sought after festivals that can offer you with outstanding entertainment at an affordable cost.

Creation Northeast Mount Union PA

The country’s biggest Christian music festivals are held on the stunning Allegheny Mountains. Since these festivals began back in 1977, the Creation Northwest provides music from more than 60 Christian bands. The various stages are based on themes while the main-stage features the most popular names in this genre. The fringe-stage is host to the harder rapper and rock Christian bands while the children’s stage offers entertainment and music for the younger children. This festival also features Christian authors and speakers that are invited to come and share their wisdom making this particular festival more than just a place to enjoy the music.

Camping At Creation Northeast

This is a time for visitors to fellowship and meet with various types of believers that are a few short feet away. Camping at these festivals has become a favorite tradition for a variety of individuals and brings individuals together while allowing the visitors the amazing experiences that Creation has to offer.

Spirit West Coast Monterey, CA

This festival is held in the month of August and is regarded as one of the biggest Christian based festivals throughout the U.S. Spirit is actually a festival that consists of two events that includes Spirit West Coast Monterey and Spirit West Coast Del Mar. Both of these exciting festivals offer a host of music from top performing Christian artists along with recreation and sports activities that include inflatable action-games and the much loved and anticipated basketball games.

Kingdom Bound At The Darien Lake Theme Park New York

Held in August the Kingdom Bound Musical Festival forms only a very small portion of what Kingdom Bound Ministries are all about. Through their conferences, music and partnerships with the local churches over the past 20 years, the entity known as Kingdom Bound Ministries aims to present the Gospel through various forms of art that includes annual festivals, outreaches and concerts. The four core values for KBM consist of:

  • Honor God
  • Serve Others
  • Practice Stewardship
  • Cultivate Creativity

Creation Northwest Enumclaw, WA

This Christian based musical festival is held in the month of August. In the year 1998, Creation expanded in order to accommodate a second festival now known as Creation Northwest. This quest was to offer the same fellowship and entertainment to the Christian music fanatics that live on the west coast. Just before the event a detailed and finalized schedule will be available in the program given to guests as they enter the site. Before the event any one is free to check up on the tentative schedule as well as the artist’s line-up on their website.

Alive Music Festival in Ohio

The Alive Music Festival in Ohio is entering its 29th year of amazing Christian music, spectacular artworks and unbelievable speakers, but just because this event is faith-based, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t adhere to the general rules that keep you safe in a crowd. Here are a few ways to ensure you have the time of your life, without any unfortunate incidents.

Keep An Eye On Weather Reports

The Alive Music Festival in Ohio is held outdoors (at the beautiful Atwood Lake Park and Amphitheater), so weather may be a concern the night of the show. Ohio is infamous for its unpredictable and often crazy weather, thus, it’s imperative that you know what to expect of it. You wouldn’t want to be caught unprepared in any kind of storm in these parts!

Come Prepared For The Outdoors

In addition to proper clothing for the expected weather, be sure and wear your most comfortable shoes, even if they’re not your most fashionable. The terrain can offer some unexpected surprises and you may be walking around quite a bit. If possible, just wear a pair of sneakers you don’t mind dirtying, rather than risk twisting your ankle in platforms or suffering with blisters the next day. Also, in consideration of the great outdoors, bring some kind of insect repellent to avoid being bitten all night.

Scan Your Sector

As with any public event attended by a large group of people, it’s important that you keep your wits about you and know the layout of the area you’ll be in. For example, in the event of an emergency, where are most people going to run to? Where is the smartest place for you to get out of the way yourself? These are smart things to keep in mind while enjoying the show. Despite the fact that you want the best seat in the house, you should always consider safety issues and potential hazards.

Always Travel In A Group

You’re smart enough to know that you can’t trust everyone in a crowd, even if you’re attending one of the coolest Christian events anywhere, so make sure you don’t go anywhere by yourself, even if it’s only for a short distance. Travel at least in pairs, preferably more if you can and adhere to the normal safety protocols you would anywhere else.

Bring Ear Plugs!

Why bring ear plugs to a concert? Because as much as you may enjoy the music, it can literally be deafening. Watch the musicians closely and you’ll notice that they all have ear protection. Bring ear plugs and keep them handy; if you feel the music is overwhelming to your eardrums, pop the plugs in for a few minutes at the least, for your own protection.

Unfortunately, the world in which we live can be chaotic, unruly and dangerous at times; meaning that just because the Alive Music Festival in Ohio is intended to be a heavenly, enriching and enlightening experience, you shouldn’t let your guard down. Be practical, be prepared and be safe.

This show is running July 20th thru the 23rd and is not to be missed! Reserve your seats early and don’t forget to arrange for a place to meet the people you go with, just in case you get separated from each other.


When you are looking for a unique and life-changing experience, it may be best for you to make plans to check out the Creation Northeast Festival in Pennsylvania. Creation Northeast is a Christian music festival that takes place each year in the United States, not to be confused with the Creation Northwest festival that is held on the east coast. Anyone who has been to this festival in Pennsylvania will tell you that this is an experience that is all about celebrating our Creator and changing lives.

The people putting on this wonderful and uplifting festival have the hope that this is the kind of event that has the ability to change people, restore face and challenge them to help serve their Lord while working to make a real difference in the world. Known as one of the largest Christian music festivals in the country, this is an event that is filled to the brim with incredible musical acts, lots of wonderful activities for kids and families to enjoy and even worship tents for sharing and rejoicing with others.

You should also know that there is a whole lot more to the Creation Northeast Festival than just music. This is an experience that is all about working to spread the word of God and honoring our savior through a variety of seminars and speakers who all have the common goal of bringing the masses together.

As a four day festival, you will find enjoyment in over sixty Christian musical acts to include genres such as worship, contemporary, folk and Christian rock. Along with these wonderful musicians, there are world renowned authors, Christian speakers and a fringe stage that is used to host a lot of the up and coming Christian rock acts. If you have a child or children in your family or church that are interested in the arts, there is also a wonderful children’s stage. This is not only an outlet for children to perform with others, but there are also numerous entertainers available throughout the festival to offer fun and enjoyment for kids of all ages.

If you are interested in staying on-site for the Creation Northeast Festival in Pennsylvania, there are a number of areas that you can camp out or even reserve your spot at a local hotel or motel in the area. Just a sampling of some of the other aspects of the festival that you and your family can enjoy include fireworks, a petting zoo, volleyball, candlelight services, prayer tent, extreme sports displays, a youth pastor VIP tent and a lot of other wonderful experience based activities.

The time is now to start planning your trip to the Creation Festival located in Pennsylvania. If you are interested in sharing the word with others and want to be with like minded individuals, this is an incredible event that is going to help you to rejoice and have a wonderful time. This is truly an experience that you will not soon forget and it is just perfect for enjoying with your entire family.

Spirit West Coast Music Festival

The Spirit West Coast in California is a Christian music festival founded by five families in 1995. The festival lasts for 3 to 4 days and besides the concerts, there are lectures, workshops, petting zoos, comedians and kids’ shows. The festival runs from 9am to midnight each night.

The Spirit West Coast hosts popular Christian acts. The concerts are held on the main stage which has large screens to allow the crowd to see the performance from a distance. There are also side stages for other performances. All you need to do is find a good spot and enjoy the show.

Tents are set up to sell merchandise for the performers and the event. There are also tents for lost and found items and first aid. Of course, there are a number of food vendors set up at the festival so you don’t have to worry about going hungry while listening to the performances.

While this is a music festival, the event promoters did not forget that the people at the event are coming together in the spirit of being Christians. Lectures and sermons are held in some of the tents. The sponsors also encourage people to sponsor and help children in other countries who are in need. Compassion International has a tent where people can sponsor a child.

This is a family friendly event. Many church youth groups attend. If you have a group, you can request a special group rate. Since there are children’s shows and activities, you can bring your children. However, if you want to enjoy the music, you may need to bring someone to help watch the kids, so you can enjoy the show.

For those who do not live in the local area, camping is allowed. There are buses that provide transportation to the campgrounds. Since the festival closes at midnight, you may want to have to kids in bed way before the show ends. If you decide to stay until the end, the buses to the campground run until a little after midnight.

This is the perfect event to get members from your church to attend together. This would allow parents to take turns watching the children so that everyone can experience the festival. And remember if your church is sending a group, you can request a group discount.

Although people of all faiths are invited, this is a Christian event, so the messages heard from the performers and lecturers are Christian based. For those seeking to repent or want to become Christians, baptisms are performed during the festival.

The festival is run by volunteers who work 4 to 9-hour shifts. The festival is always looking for more volunteers to help out. The volunteers start onsite work a week before the event and stay until a few days after everything is packed up. There are many volunteer opportunities available from construction to operations.

Spirit West Coast in California is billed as one of the premier Christian Music Festivals in the country. While you will enjoy your time listening to uplifting music from today’s hottest Christian artists and emerging talents, you can also learn more about being a Christian, by attending lectures and events meant to renew your faith.